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Window Fashion Display Clothes Hangers. Luxury Width Reach 20mm . These Hangers Are Most Fashion Style.

When Boots Height Make Trouble For You, Find A Way to Collect Them Tidy and Protected. These Hangers Set Give You More Choice.  And If you Need, We Can Logo It For You. As We Are Hangers Dealer.

Copper Shiny Wire Hangers , These Hangers are Really Loved by Fashion Shops. It maked the Clothes Clear and Nice. Non Matter in Shop Display or Home Storage. You Will Got Pleasure Experience. My Customers Noted Me!!!

When Customers Brand Grow Up Daily and Daily , They Hope the Old Customers Remember the Name. So The Ask Me to Add Their Name on The Hangers, Use Their Colors or Their Size to Produce New Hangers for Their Brand. Timber Clothes Hanger can Make This Easily . And Timber Hanger Are Natural.  They Are Real Eco Friendly Meterial. Come From the Ground Back to the Ground. Nothing Changed. We Used Timber from FSC controled Forest Or Planted Tree Farm no FSC as You Like. Mail Us info@koobayhome.com Now!!!