When clients find out KOOBAY HOME from the vast sea of the web, the team of KOOBAY feels really happy and lucky! We just smile.

When clients place an order, we gather the question and keep the clients informed.

  1. Q: When can I get the goods?  A: Normally we ship the goods out within 2 days. When there is no stock, we keep the customer informed.
  2. Q: Why are the goods out of stock without the listing being amended?    A:  As we face orders worldwide, sometimes it may happen that a big customer clears the stock at once. That makes that other incoming orders cannot get what they want.
  3. Q: Will there be some extra charge?    A:  The price includes the freight to door,  but when the goods pass the destination custom, there might be asked tax. They amount of this tax is not known and it is not always charged. It cannot be avoided and we also don’t balance the charge for the custom.

In order to save space , protect the surrounding , attend the fair , some customers prefer recyclable clothes hangers in recently.

We offer paper hanger, bamboo hanger , MDF hanger to fit the customer requirement.

Paper Cardboard hanger has different quality level  so it is not cheap hanger for it is paper made. actually , it is kind of expensive one. it is really Eco friendly recyclable.

Bamboo hanger is Eco friendly because it is made by bamboo, it is self plant trees. this meterial can solve the harm the human made to the forest. 3 years bamboo can be used as mature material. strong enough. Not cheap hanger also.

Aluminum hangers can be produced into many colors. Recently, Rose gold color is popular. But in case the clients want other colors, they can leave a massage on the web. We will let you know when we are under production of that kind of hangers.

Aluminum hangers are very soft and light weight clothes hangers. Koobay hangers are only high quality products. The hangers are suitable for displaying the clothes and fashion clothes. But consider though that the wire is easy bendable, it is not a quality reason. We have been a professional producer of hangers since 1996.

Aluminum hangers have shiny and matte finishings. I personally like the matte finishing, which is kind of satin color, therefore I have satin ones in stock.  There are enough regular color options, though, and you know what: They will be rustless forever!!


When the customers want branded hangers, but don’t have a large quantity enquiry, how should custom hangers be ordered? or How should the hangers be branded? We offer solution services under such situation.  Mail us any time under

  1. Choose the hanger style and sizes which fit the usage.  Woman clothes hangers’ size : 38cm-42cm . Children clothes hangers’ size : 25cm-32cm.  Men clothes hangers’ size: 42-52cm.
  2. Mail us your LOGO / BRAND file by .ai or .pdf.   Largest width : 4.5cm.
  3. Pay the hangers 100%.
  4. We will arrange LOGO lasered / sticked on the hangers within 15-18 days.
  5. Then we will take a picture for your confirmation by email.
  6. We send out the hangers by express. The express might reach you within 5-15 days.
  7. We will leave waybill No on the web order.
  8. Share your hangers effect with us once you are OK with them. Instagram: #koobayhanger  #koobayhome
  9. Mail us for coupons when you need a repeated order.